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IM Skim Mate Skimmer (Small)

IM Skim Mate Skimmer (Small)
Dimensions (with Bracket): 3.75" x 2.60" x 13.05"
Pump: 6.5-watts, 158gph

Supercharge your NUVO with the efficient SkimMate needle-wheel foam fractionator, which effectively removes dissolved organics, increases oxygen levels, and creates a cleaner & clearer aquarium. Innovative internal design discreetly hides behind filter wall to remain out of sight of main viewing area. Made of quality cell-cast acrylic and offered with either top or clamp mount skimmer bracket which houses integrated silencer for finger-tip adjustment. Utilizes a needle-wheel impeller that disburses micro bubbles to extract harmful toxins and removes phosphates that cause undesirable nuisance algae.

Offered in two convenient Models
Desktop – rated to 25 gallons
Midsize – rated to 65 gallons
Needle Wheel-Impeller creates dense dark SkimMate
Energy efficient 6.5 watt power consumption
Solid cell-cast acrylic construction
Easy turn knob for height adjustment
Noise reducing silencer with air adjustment valve
Water Outlet level control ( Mid-Size Model Only)
Small compact form factor (Designed for Nano16, Nano24, Micro30, Mini38)
High performance in Small Footprint
Large volume collection cup with O-Ring
Top or Clamp Mount acrylic bracket for secure placement
Our price: $105.99
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