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Illumagic Blaze Xmini High-Output Marine LED Pendant - 50 watts

Illumagic Blaze Xmini High-Output Marine LED Pendant - 50 watts


Illumagic Blaze Xmini

High-Output Marine LED Pendant

Blaze Xmini Features

  • 2x25W LED Clusters Featuring 7 LED Spectrums
  • Full-Spectrum Output, Ranging from 400nm to 700nm
  • 3 Color Channels
  • Fully Adjustable Color and Intensity
  • Bluetooth Control Using the Android or iOS App*
  • Real-time Clock
  • Modular LED Clusters, Lens, Driver Assembly & Fan
  • Hanging Kit Included
  • 2 Year USA Warranty

*IMPORTANT: Android or iOS device is required for programming.



Blaze X Series Spectrum

The Blaze Xmini contains 2 clusters of LEDs. Each cluster features 12 LEDs in 7 spectrums. Wattage per cluster is 25 watts, for a total of 50 watts on this pendant! The spectrums are grouped together on 3 channels, which provide control, functionality and simplicity. Adjust color & intensity in an easy to use app.

Channel A: Ultra White, Ultra Red & Cyan for optimal coral growth.
Channel B: Blue 470nm and Royal Blue 450nm makes the colors of your corals really pop.
Channel C: Violet 420nm and Near UV 400nm for enhanced coral growth.

Blaze X Series Optics

The Xmini comes with 75-degree high transmittance silicone lenses, which provide the perfect color mixing without the "disco ball" effect. The lenses can be removed to increase the light spread to 120 degrees.


Blaze X Series Modular Design

The LED clusters, lens, driver & fan can be easily removed and replaced. Saltwater model can be converted to the freshwater model by swapping out the clusters.


Blaze X Series Control

Fully Programmable with Bluetooth App

  • 3 Color Channels
  • 6 Progammable Time Settings
  • Instant Response
  • Gradual or Instant color shifts
  • Programmable light period
  • Compatible with iOS or Android

Android App iOS App

Illumagic imOS CRX is a light controlling interface which allows you to program and control the LEDs within the Blaze X series via Bluetooth of your mobile devices. You can define the intensities of LEDs within three channels at various time points that you can also define by yourself. You can set the light settings of two adjacent time points to change gradually or instantly according to your need. There are also various lighting modes to be programmed and selected so you can change the light settings according to your favorites. The Blaze X Series features a real-time clock and will pull the current time off your devices when the lighting program is uploaded.

Blaze X Series Power Shift

When one of the three channels is set under 20% output, an additional 40% of power will be released for each of the other two channels, allowing you to get more power out of the colors you want.


See a demo of the Blaze X Series App


Blaze Xmini Mounting

Pendant Hanging Kit Included!
Optional Mounting Arms
(Sold separately)


Blaze Xmini Specifications

7"L x 6"W x 2"H
Power Consumption:
Power Cable Length
Power Cord Length
Power Supply
Regulatory Compliance

What's Included

  • Blaze Xmini
  • Power Adapter
  • Hanging Kit
  • Instructions

Download Instruction Manual


Blaze X Series Warranty
Illumagic pendants feature a 2-year USA warranty on parts. All of the Blaze X Series parts are plug-n-play, which means no need to send a fixture in for repair. Repairs can be made in just a few minutes.


6 Weeks of Growth in 6 Seconds




Jake Adams from Reef Builders reviews Illumagic LEDs


Illumagic may be a new name in the US, but they have been building aquarium LED fixtures since 2009. Their success and reliabilty has been proven in the Australian market, through hobbyists, stores and coral collectors such as Cairns Marine, who have been using the Blaze fixtures in their facility for over 5 years.

See a tour of Cairns Marine and the Blaze fixtures.


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