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Marc Weiss Reef Bugs

Marc Weiss Reef Bugs
Reef or marine “snow” is an aggregate of LIVING MICROBES clinging to, one or a combination of : organic, inorganic, volcanic, mineral, living or recently dead matter.

Reef Bugs™ yields particle sizes down to less than a micron and up to macroscopic particles. The individual living organisms are microscopic.

These microbes, primarily bacterial, and fungal (yeasts and related organisms) provide 30% of the planktonic matter raining down on the reef.

True reef / marine snow is alive and has the ability to nourish the reef with desirable edible organisms which are necessary for balancing the substrate and the creatures colonizing it. Reef Bugs™ is a unique product having these characteristics.

Reef Bugs™ contains twelve strains of edible, non - pathogenic marine microbes. They are not genetically modified. Instead they are selectively bred naturally occurring organisms. They are in an encysted spore state. They are packed dry in a matrix of minerals, vitamins, and carbohydrates that will enable hatching in about thirty minutes of being placed in typical reef aquarium water.

These organisms have been cultured to eat organic matter. While doing so they can sequester phosphorus, fix nitrogen, clean the substrate and behave in a civil manner should they escape being consumed. Those gathering at the substrate or biofilter obviously have the best chance of escaping. The intention of REEF BUGS™ is that they be eaten first. However a survival of the fittest will ensue where the strongest microbes will eat the weaker, smaller ones. All the microbes won’t succeed in colonization long term unless the product is used minimally three times a week.

Most significantly, there are particles included for the microbes to piggyback on, creating a true marine reef/marine snow. Living cells will even be coating other living cells. They will also begin to divide and reproduce upon hydration.

As an important, but not complete component of reef nutrition, I do not suggest exclusive dependence on this product to nourish your reef. It is potentially healthy and nourishing to some of these creatures. About ninety - two thousand species of organisms can inhabit the typical reef aquarium (Shimek, pers. comm.). It is impossible to make blanket statement as to the extent it will nourish your reef. One size doesn’t fit all. Reef Bugs™ is the only product that can actually restore the bio - compounds and missing components that replicate reef nutritional input in a scientifically sound and intelligent manner.

Reef Bugs™ endeavors to provide a live food with its attendant enzymes and hard to define factors that only a living feed organism can possess. The nutritional value of these organisms is dependent on the water they are living in, and what they adhere to, or might eat themselves once excysted. For example a vegetable’s nutritional value cannot be ascertained from its seed. The seed will ultimately be judged after light, watering, fertilization has turned it into an edible vegetable. Depending on those variables - the vegetable can grow into little more that water and cellulose or into a nutritious foodstuff.

In the reef aquarium, previously not seen cryptic organisms are likely to appear with use of this product. Other creatures will show behaviors that indicate the taking in of the Reef Bugs™ aggregate. This is is a colorful and interesting time to observe your reef life. Feeding at night under artificial moonlights can produce results not seen before as well.

How to use Reef Bugs™

A whole teaspoon (about 1.5 grams) could be used per hundred gallons a day in a “dialed in”, heavily stocked reef tank. I would start more conservatively, feeding one half teaspoon per day per 100 gallons daily. This has proved adequate and desirable as a starting application. As the mix of species as well as the quantity of the critters make each aquarium unique be conservative at first - the old axioms about overfeeding an aquarium should be remembered.

If excess is noted in the skimmer - you are probably using too much for the current bioload and decrease the portion by the wasted amount. Powerful skimming is likely to remove some before it is eaten even if the proper ration is fed. If none is found in the skimmer the ration can be increased. As critters grow, more Reef Bugs™ will be consumed.

Take a cup of aquarium water, put in the quantity of dry Reef Bugs™ as preferred, and stir. Stir again as often as you wish...but at least one more time after ten minutes to dissolve as thoroughly as reasonably possible. Stir again at thirty minutes (or more) and pour into aquarium. It all will soon dissolve.

Alternatively, just sprinkle into tank. It will take at least that twenty minutes for full effect though; usually ten minutes or so more. However undissolved particles my be eaten by a fish or some other non - target critter first. It is harmless to fishes etc. There are some results we are seeing that show that some organisms will consume the powder “raw”. I don’t know if this is of additional benefit; you may want to it both ways.


The product comes in a barrier bag. These bags do not permit oxygen or moisture to enter. Re-close bag by squeezing out air and resealing - it zips closed. Keep in cool dry place; the refrigerator is fine. Don’t freeze for extended periods - preferably not at all. It will be good for at least one year. Prior experience with the components has allowed viable storage much longer than that as long as it is dry as well as cool; a frost-free refrigerator works well with the bag well sealed.

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