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ORA Gold Stripe Maroon Clown

ORA Gold Stripe Maroon Clown
PGold-Stripe Maroon Clownfish - Premnas biaculeatus
All of the Maroon Clownfish bred at ORA are of the Gold-stripe variety. Normally Maroon Clowns range in color from bright red to dark maroon with three narrow white stripes. The fish found in the area of Sumatra have gold color stripes, and the ORA broodstock are from this area. The gold color of the stripes sometimes will not develop until the fish are about 9-12 months old. ORA fish are shipped at about 6-7 months, so often the stripes are white, They all will develop the gold color in time, starting at the top of the head band.
These very popular fish are easy to keep in aquariums, although they do not get along with each other. Unless a hobbyist can get a mated pair, it is best to keep them one to a tank. It has been observed that the gold-stripe variety seem a little less aggressive that the white banded type. One of the largest clownfish species, adult females can attain a size of over 6 inches. In nature they are found in association with the Bubble-tip anemone ( E. quadricolor).
With the aggressive female guarding her nest, and her much smaller male mate fanning the eggs, Maroon Clowns have some of the largest spawns ever recorded for clownfish. A typical spawn may contain 1,500 eggs, and spawns of over 6,000 have been observed. This species also seems the most likely to show mis-bars, and has a higher percentage of "designer striping" than other species.
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