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Oyster Delight 8oz

Oyster Delight 8oz
Coral Smoothie Oyster Delight is the second in the line of Coral Smoothie products that offer great value, high quality ingredients and convenience.

Oyster Delight is made from fresh Florida oysters .

Oyster Delight is a great food for SPS, Soft Corals, some LPS and fish.

Oyster Delight is rich in Essential Fatty Acids and proteins critical to healthy marine organisms.

Oyster Delight comes with an applicator tip that, once cut, will enable the user to spot feed simply by inserting the bottle into the tank; then point and feed. Oyster Delight has a 6 month shelf life and does not need to be kept refrigerated until it is used. However after opening it should be refrigerated. It is not a live product. Feed the Frenzy.
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