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Phyto-Feast LIVE 6oz

Phyto-Feast LIVE 6oz

Phyto-Feast™ is a marine microalgae concentrate, formulated specifically for feeding filter feeders in marine aquariums and reef systems (tridacnid clams, soft/hard corals, feather dusters, sponges, ascidians, other invertebrates, etc). It is a wide spectrum feed that is suitable for almost all reef invertebrates.

Phyto-Feast ™ is the ONLY live algae concentrate that contains 100% of the nutrition needed by your animals - proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and essential fatty acids. Green microalgae only produce EPA and ARA, not the DHA fatty acids required for complete Omega-3 nutrition

Phyto-Feast ™ contains 500 quarts of dense algae culture in a 6 oz bottle, 1300 quarts in a 16 oz bottle

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