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Spectrum Ick Shield Water Treatment 50gm (1.7oz)

Spectrum Ick Shield Water Treatment 50gm (1.7oz)
Spectrum Ick Shield Water Treatment, 125gm, 4.4oz

ADVISORY: For use in quarantine & hospital tanks only. NOT to be used with live coral or anemones.

Can treat a large variety of marine & freshwater fish (including scaleless fish) while avoiding appetite loss. Large safety margin beyond dosages required to treat your fish. Fights infectious (tomite) and feeding (trophont) stages.

8ppm per gallon of aquarium water. (Remember to include water volume in the sump, if used!)

Measuring Powder / Water:
Each included spoon worth of powder treats 20 gallons of water. (0.6 grams of powder treats 20 gallons.)

Important Note: Mix with water prepared & conditioned for your tank! Do not use tap water!

Common Doses:
20 Gallons = 1 scoop
30 Gallons = 1.5 scoops
50 Gallons = 2.5 scoops
100 Gallons = 5 scoops

Aquarium Preparation:
For use in hospital / quarantine tanks. No live rock or deep sand beds in tank. No UV / Reef Lights, it will break down active ingredient. Remove all filtration media and turn off protein skimmers. Wed/Dry biofilters will be needed for marine aquariums.

Treatment Duration:
Marine Tanks: One dose for 21 days.
Freshwater Tanks: One dose for 14 days.
Maintain bath solution in water for the entire treatment period. If a water change is needed, prepare the new water with the 8ppm dose prior to introducing the new water into the tank.

After Treatment:
Perform a thorough water change after treatment, to clear ICK-SHIELD from the water. Change filter media to ensure no residue from the treatment.

Note: The treatment bath will clear algae. This can cause a spike in ammonia levels the first few days.

Continue using the ICK-SHIELD bath for the entire treatment period (see Treatment Duration) even if your fish appear to have recovered. The full treatment cycle time is needed to fully disrupt the parasite lifecycle & reduce the chance of a new outbreak!
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