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ORA Marine Betta Captive Bred!

ORA Marine Betta Captive Bred!
Calloplesiops altivelis
Marine betta
Maximum size: 8 in.
Tank size: 55 gallons
Feeding: meaty food 2-4 times a week
Reef capability: Will eat small shrimp and fishes

The Marine Betta, also referred to as the Comet has a unique and stunning appearance. These aquarium fish are closely related to the Assessors however they grow much larger, achieving a maximum size well over 6 inches. Marine Bettas are predatory and will eat small fish and invertebrates. Unlike most predatory fish kept in aquariums Marine Bettas are quite shy and reclusive and don’t like being around boisterous fish that will harass or out compete them for food. However if they’re housed appropriately they remain out in the open and their slow, graceful swimming behaviors make them a great centerpiece species.
The large spot on a Marine Betta is known as the Ocellus, or False Eye Spot. It is used to confuse both prey and predators. When hunting it is difficult for prey to figure out which end of the Marine Betta is which, a small fish might dart away from the large eye spot only to swim right towards the Comet’s mouth. To confuse predators the Comet will assume the position of an eel, often times with the tail and eye spot sticking out of a rock.
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