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Ice Probe Chiller

Ice Probe Chiller
converts electricity directly into cooling
the fan is the only moving part
*Easy to Install
one hole, one nut
low voltage operation
*Environmentally Friendly
no gasses or chemicals

The IceProbe® uses advanced thermoelectric technology to directly convert electricity into cooling power.

With its unique ability to store cold energy by forming ice around its probe under the correct design conditions, the IceProbe® is the ideal cooling device for cold water dispensing systems. In fact, IceProbe Powered™ water coolers consistently demonstrate the ability to deliver over 2 gallons of cold drinking water per day!

Capable of cooling 10 gallons of water more than 20°F under ambient temperature in an insulated container, the IceProbe® is also well suited for many other liquid cooling applications.

Realize the potential of  IceProbe® !
Weighing in at only 2 pounds, the IceProbe® is powered by a separate 12 volt d.c. power supply and draws less than 50 watts.
Availabilty: Ships in 1-2 days.
Our price: $108.95
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