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ORA Black Ocellaris

ORA Black Ocellaris
False Percula Clownfish - Amphiprion ocellaris
Pictures shows adult - juveniles have more orange.

The Black Ocellaris is a stunning color morph of A. ocellaris that is sometimes referred to as the Darwin Ocellaris or the Darwin False Percula. This is a naturally occurring variation for the species with a very limited range. It is naturally found in the Darwin area of Northern Australia. These fish are rarely, if ever imported from the wild so captive bred specimens make up nearly the entire market.

Black Ocellaris begin life orange colored and switch to black as they mature. The ones we offer are generally all black but may have a splash of orange on the face. All orange color disappears as they age resulting in the only solid black and white clownfish found in nature.

Scientists have considered describing the Black Ocellaris as a new species, but for now they are still considered a variation of the A. ocellaris species.
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