PURA Filtration Pad 15" x 30"

PURA Filtration Pad 15" x 30"
Full Spectrum Chemical Filtration In Convenient Pad Form

PURA Filtration Pads offer the same broad-spectrum filtration capabilities as PURA Complete in a simple to use filtration pad form. In addition to heavy-duty chemical filtration,PURA Filtration Pads offer the finest mechanical filtration of any pad. Made from a carefully selected thermally bonded blend of polyester fibers,these pads offer very fine filtration while resisting clogging. The most frequent comment we hear from our customers is that their tank has never looked so crystal clear.

In tanks with high levels of pollutants the granular media should be used to bring down the pollutant concentrations and then the pads can be used to permanently maintain low pollution levels. These pads are ideal for wet/dry drip trays, canister filters,power filters,and as supplemental chemical filtration in Eclipse systems. There is no finer filtration for a Nano-Reef!

PURA Pads can be cut with scissors to fit any application. These pads are made from ultra pure ingredients and do not contain any glues,binders, adhesives,or ash slurries. PURA Pads last longer and remove more pollutants than any other filtration pad.

The Most Powerful Filtration Pad!
PURA Filtration Pads offer all the filtration capabilities of PURA Complete in an easy to implement filter pad form. Technologically advanced and patented manufacturing technique allows for a ½ inch thick pad impregnated with solid particles of media. This pad has a loose structure that resists premature clogging, contains thick and thin fibers to maximize fine filtration, contains a massive 5 ounces of media per square foot of pad, and has a debris trapping and indicating white overlay.

This pad is ideal for wet/dry drip trays, power filters, canister filters, refugiums, and pond filters. Available in two generous sizes, PURA pads outperform all Poly pads. Equally important is what this pad does not have: no glues, no ash, and no binders. All 5 oz of media are fully utilizable for filtration. Used as directed, this product will maintain extremely low phosphate levels and extremely low levels of all aquarium pollutants.

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