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Salinty Refractometer w/ ATC

Salinty Refractometer w/ ATC

Now you can measure salinity fast and accurately with this affordable refractometer. Refractometers provide higher accuracy than swing arm style hydrometers, no need to worry about bubbles sticking to the swing arm or inaccurate readings from aging hydrometers. Get an accurate salinity reading in seconds, simply add 2-3 drops of aquarium water on the plate, close the plate and look into the refractometer while holding it up to the light.

Measuring Range: 0-100 PPT Salinity
1.000-1.070 Specific Gravity


+/- 1.0 PPT

+/- 0.001 SG


1.0 PPT

0.001 SG

Automatic Temperature Compensation:

50-86°F (10-30°C)

DO NOT CALIBRATE WITH DISTILLED WATER. Salinity Calibration Solution Must Be Used. Includes plastic case, screw driver for calibration and dropper.

Our price: $39.99
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