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Two Little Fishies CDX Carbon Dioxide Adsorption Media 750ml

Two Little Fishies CDX Carbon Dioxide Adsorption Media 750ml
CDX helps maintain and elevate aquarium pH by removing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air stream entering a protein skimmer. The CO2-free air injected into the water effectively removes CO2 dissolved in the water, resulting in a higher average pH.

Sometime aquariums in closed offices or homes maintain a low pH due to accumulation of carbon dioxide in the air. This excess CO2 dissolves into the aquarium water and depresses the average pH. Maintaining the pH in a reef aquarium is a key aspect of promoting the well-being of corals and enhancing the deposition of calcium carbonate. A naturally boosted pH also enhances protein skimming and thus promotes a cleaner, healthier aquarium environment.

Contents: Granules made from a blend of calcium and sodium hydroxide plus a harmless indicator dye. 750ml

Simply install CDX in a tall columnar reactor such as Two Little Fishies PhosBan Reactor. Connect the air intake for the protein skimmer to the Outflow Pipe of the reactor using the Two Little FIshies CDX Adaptor or a similar barbed reducing fitting. CDX contains a harmless indicator dye that turns violet when the media is saturated with CO2.
CDX will change color in layers, starting at the bottom of the reactor and working up to the top when the air is fed through it from bottom to top. When the CDX media near the top turns violet, it is time to replace the CDX media.

The time to replace the CDX media varies depending on the CO2 content of the air and the flow rate through the reactor. Generally, 1 liter of CDX media will last about six weeks (or longer) with a flow rate of about 100 LPH of typical home-recycled air.
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