PURA Complete 32oz

PURA Complete 32oz
Professional Strength Full Spectrum Chemical Filtration Media

PURA Complete is a blended media that provides the most complete aquarium pollutant control at low cost. Blended with 25% PhosLock for total phosphate and silicate control,virgin bituminous acid washed carbon,and cation exchangers for the control of ammonia and heavy metals,PURA Complete offers a truly impressive spectrum of activity. This product removes a broad range of organics like urine,phenols, coloring agents,odors,and proteins; a broad range of heavy metals like copper,lead, and mercury that accumulates over time from trace quantities found in all fish foods; a broad range of toxins like ammonia,formaldehyde and arsenic; and a broad range of aquarium scum promoters like phosphates,and silicates.

PURA Complete is fast acting,long lasting,and very effective in reef,marine,planted,and delicate freshwater aquaria. The 8 oz will treat a 50-gallon tank up to 6 months,the 16 oz will treat a 100-gallon aquarium,and the 32 oz will treat a 200-gallon aquarium. PURA Complete should be used in a fine meshed bag instead of plain carbon,and no additional "specialty media" are necessary to provide total, complete,and cost effective aquarium waste management.

The Most Complete Filtration Media!
PURA Complete is a blend of GFH; reef type macro-porous select grade bituminous carbon with a high abrasion number and low ash content specifically designed for aqueous phase filtration; and a top grade zeo-sorbent with a high cation exchange capacity for ammonia and heavy metals. This product will remove a very broad range of organic waste like urine, phenols, coloring agents, odors, and proteins; a very broad range of heavy metals like copper, lead, and mercury that accumulate over time from trace quantities found in all fish foods; a very broad range of toxins like medicinal residues, ammonia, formaldehyde and arsenic. PURA Complete will also remove large quantities of aquarium scum promoters like phosphates and silicates and stress promoters like decomposing food by-products. This is the product of choice for advanced reef, marine, and fresh water hobbyists, combining top performing ingredients, broad spectrum chemical filtration activity, low cost, and a fantastic performance to price ratio. PURA Complete is pH-neutral and is used just like carbon.

PURA Complete is ideal for canisters, filter bags, and corner filters. This product has more chemical activity than any other media blend and will not degrade with exposure to high flow rates. Packed hydrated with an induction welded foil seal for freshness, protection, and long shelf life. Used as directed, this product will maintain extremely low phosphate levels and extremely low levels of all aquarium pollutants, allowing the most sensitive aquarium specimens to thrive.

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