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TrueLumen LED Strip 12K White

TrueLumen LED Strip 12K White
Current TrueLumen LED Strip 12K White
The powerful LED chips add the natural shimmering effect and rippling glow found on natural coral reefs while producing virtually no heat and consuming very little electricity. An easy-to-install lighting solution, each LED strip is completely water resistant and will add vibrancy and movement to almost any aquarium. Their low profile design (only 5mm thick) make them an excellent addition to any nano-style aquarium, canopy or light fixture.

All systems feature high-output Power LED chips mounted on a flexible, water resistant strip which can be installed using the strip adhesive or mounting screws (both included.) Each strip measures 10" x 0.5" wide. Up to 3 strips can be connected to one transformer using our 3-way splitter (transformer and 3-way splitter sold separately.)

A powerful penetrating crisp daylight that replicates the suns light. Excellent for adding the shimmer effect to any aquarium.
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